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We do have 3M Leadcheck in stock now, there are limited supplies available, please place ytour order a.s.a.p. to insure that we can process and ship your order.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach us by calling or emailing us at LeadPaintEPAsupplies@gmail.com




Also available is the D-Lead test kit which is the only other EPA Recognized test kit to be used with The EPA RRP Program. You can see them by Clicking HERE




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 LeadPaintEPAsupplies is the Online Renovators Supply store For Lead Based Paint and Lead Test Kits, Wwe feature both EPA recognized Lead Test Kits, The 3M Leadcheck Instant swab test kit and Now we offer the D-Lead test kit as well.  

Exclusive At LeadPaintEPAsupplies.com.....


100% zero defective policy, Before any LeadCheck Test Kits are shipped from our warehouse, we check every swab to make sure every swab is ready to use and you will receive NO broken swabs..... 



At LeadpaintEPAsupplies we offer several options to purchase as many swabs as you need.  All 3M LeadCheck swabs are sold in multiples of 8 and come in the hardplastic carrying case to protect your investment.  We also offer the Lead Test Kit Documentation Form that is needed to record your test results to be compliant with the RRP program.

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