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Zero Defect Policy On 3M LeadCheck

Introducing The ZERO Defect Policy on 3M LeadCheck Instant Lead Test Kits......




In September 2014, again has proven why we, The Renovator Supply Store are dedicated to supplying you the renovator with everything you need to comply with the EPA’s RRP program. 


Recently there has been a lot of marketing that highlights the defect rate of 3M LeadCheck test swabs.  It has been stated that as many as 1 out of every 10 swabs are defective.  When the word defective is used it refers to one or both of the glass ampoules of testing chemicals is broken before the end user is ready to activate the swab. 


We do not believe that the numbers of 1 out of 10 is accurate however; in manufacturing today when you are dealing with a sensitive item like these test swabs it is definitely possible to have some broken swabs.      


The Renovator Supply Store has always believed in giving our customer’s the best quality supplies available on the market.  With this being said there is no exception to our beliefs when it comes to supplying you with the 3M LeadCheck product.


We feel that if you trust enough to purchase your 3M LeadCheck that we can at least make sure that you get what you order.  Why should you be expected to settle for whatever is shipped to you.  As your renovator supply store we want your purchase to be nothing less than a 100% positive experience.



For this reason we have created a “ZERO Defect” policy.  What is the zero defect policy you ask?  Simply stated we check every swab before they are shipped to you.  This makes sure every swab is 100% ready for use, with no question.  Because of this decision we have become the most dependable supplier of 3M LeadCheck


Do you know of any other company that will give you a zero defect guarantee?


Do you know of any company that offers so many options to purchase the quantity of 3M LeadCheck that you need?


Do you know of any company that usually ships your LeadCheck the Same Day they are ordered?