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3M Lead Check......Where Is It?

May 12, 2022






3M LeadCheck Where Is It?


 Welcome to and hopefully you are doing well.  So if you are reading this you are most likely looking for 3M Lead Check, a very popular lead test kit from The 3M Corporation.


Regardless if you are a homeowner, A RRP Contractor or just a concerned parent we know that you are looking for the most popular and easiest to use Lead Test kit that is EPA recognized for the RRP Program.  In 2010 LeadPaintEPAsupplies opened the web stores to make it easy for all of you to  find your 3M Leadcheck and other supplies like RRP Lead Dust Vacuums, Safety Glasses and Sticky Mats so you can maintain a safe work space.  Over the last 12 years we have prided ourselves in staying in stock at all times so we can be your dependable supplier.


Over the past 12 Years we listened to our concerned RRP Contractors and other customers. We had received several complaints that  our customer's were getting broken swabs delivered to them. This was disappointing and inconvenient to say the least, We knew that the 3M Corporation was not going to change their ways based on our input  so we took it into our hands and we did two things:

  •  1- We relooked at how we were packaging the product when we shipping from our warehouse. We began with making sure every item went into a box, each package is wrapped in foam.  We also added fragile stickers to every shipping unit to try and advise our shipping partners that we would appreciate their kind service and being careful with your package.
  • 2- We created the Zero Defect Guarantee, A Guarantee that no other supplier offers, PERIOD!!  You are probably wondering what is the Zero Defect Policy, In short we check every swab before it is shipped to you and you will find a small card in every pack of 3M Leadcheck from us that tells you we have inspected them before they shipped to you. If you do not see the inspection card in each pack of Leadcheck then it did not come from our warehouse.  If you receive broken 3M Leadcheck we want to know it and we will replace them at no cost to you (we may ask to have the broken swabs shipped back depending on how many there are if it happens).


So to move onto the big question, Where is the 3M Leadcheck?


If you have had your head in the sand you may not be aware of the supply shortages that are plaguing our country, Weather you want to point your finger at the wonderful Corona Virus, Or economics , or just incompetence, there is most likely room for all of these in the problem.  But we wanted to share what we know. 


We have been informed by the mass distributor for the 3M Corporation, which is the only source where you can purchase these from that 3M can not get a supply of the raw materials that are needed to manufacture them.  This is why you can't find them anywhere.  Most websites have removed them from their sites and if they do have them listed, they most likely do not have them in stock and will make you wait to get them.  


We spoke with our supplier and we were able to get another option, Which would be the D-Lead Test Kit.  This is the only option for a EPA approved lead test kit that is on the market at this time.  This lead test kit is not a swab based kit but you still can get initial test results within about 2 minutes. 



We would like to let you know that we will be offering 3M Leadcheck again as soon as we can get it in stock but I do want to let you know we expect the supply to be very small and the inventory may not last very long when it comes in.  We urge you to check back often for your needs and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at and be safe out there!!


As always, Thank You for being a loyal customer!!


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