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Other Fine Vacuums From Atrix International

Why Choose Atrix International Vacuums?

Atrix has been in business since 1981.  Over the years, ATRIX has introduced numerous models of Industrial Vacuums that have been created to clean-up and collect the finest dust particles.  LeadPaintEPAsupplies, your Renovator Supply Store is now proud to offer other fine HEPA vacuums for everyday use in your home and office.  Weather you are looking for a small, price sensitive vacuum such as the Little Red Vaccuum or something that is still on the lower price scale with a higher capacity such as the Atrix Canister Vacuum.  Now available in the 8 Quart Electric Backpack Vacuum and the 36 Volt Backpack Series.  As a company, ATRIX International takes pride in producing products of the utmost quality and providing customers with excellent service.  Thanks to these efforts, they have been able to build a strong brand with a reputable name and are proud to manufacture the finest filtration vacuums that are available on the market today. Atrix International is one of the few companies that manufacture most of their vacuums in the USA.